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Successful Delivery of Copper Finned Tube Exchanger for MG Project

14 sets of copper finned tube exchanger for US MG project have been successfully delivered dated on November 5th, 2015. The fabrication of copper finned tube exchanger is very difficult, especially for the finned tube machining, fixing, supporting and welding. Via the unremitting effort and positive cooperation of each department, all the equipments have passed the final acceptance of client representative.

This is the first time for Sunpower to fabricate copper finned equipment. At the beginning of project, Sunpower faced so many challenges such as copper finned tube machining & cleaning, copper antioxidation and so on. Together with R&D institute, design department, process department and other fabrication specialists, project management department organized to perform repeated test and finally got the good result. The qualified sample has been developed and sent to US client for evaluation. And US client feedback the great appreciation on this sample which establish the good start for this project.

During the fabrication phase, each department conquered many difficulties to accumulate cherish technical parameters and manufacture experiences for Sunpower.

Completion of MG project stands for the promotion of design and fabrication ability of Sunpower.