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Successful Delivery of Synthesis Reactor for Mengwei Technology

6 sets of synthesis reactors for Mengwei Technology 250,000 t/a VAC project have been successfully delivered dated on November 9th, 2015. The process package is developed by Petrochemical Technology R&D Centre of Tianjin University which is the breakthrough of domestic VAC process.

The key reactor is one the biggest exchanger of Sunpower ever fabricated with 4.8m diameter and 252T weight. Because Sunpower is experienced in large size exchanger fabrication especially has rich experience in welding deformation control of big tube-sheet, bundle installation and drilling on tube-sheet & baffle plate. Although the required fabrication schedule is limited, under strong cooperation of each department, all the equipments have passed the final acceptance test and delivered to site on time.

The successful delivery of these 6 sets of exchangers stands for that Sunpower has built further cooperation relationship with Petrochemical Technology R&D Centre of Tianjin University and established the foundation for the development of VAC key reactor market.