Heat Exchangers,Pressure Vessels,Pipe Supports


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Personnel Qualifications

      RTⅢ (2),RTII (5),RTI( 8)
      UTⅢ (1),UTII (5),UTI( 5)
      PTⅢ (1),PTII (4),PTI (9)
      MTⅢ( 0),MTII( 5),MTI( 5)
      UTII(2)for Nuclear Pressure Vessels
2、PV Design Engineer at Approval Level (5)
3、PV Design Engineer at Review Level (1)
4、Pressure Pipeline Design Engineer at Approval Level (8)
5、PV QA Engineer (2)
6、Certified PV Welder (126) for butt weld of plate to plate, tube to tube and tube to plate
7、Certified Welder (6) for Nuclear Facilities
8、Qualified Personnel for Mechanical Performance, Physical & Chemical Analysis (3)