Heat Exchangers,Pressure Vessels,Pipe Supports


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Production Capability

Production Bases:
Workshop in Jiangning(14,000 m2
Workshop in Luhe(20,000m2
Workshop in Binjiang(10,000m2
Sunpower has 1000t hydraulic presses, 6m CNC milling & drilling machines, 5m vertical lathes, 100mm rolling machines, 100t overhead travelers, plate cutters, edge planers, large benders, linear cutters, automatic argon arc welders for tube to tubesheet joints, automatic POLYSOUD Plasma/TIG welders for longitudinal joints, a 5.5×5.5×17m electric heated PWHT well, sandblasting machines and others. In addition to regular testing machines like tensile tester, chemical analyzer, X-ray flaw detector, UT, PT testers and Hardness Testers, our company is completely equipped with such top equipments as super a high pressure hydraulic cutter , a MKV oxygen content monitor from UK , infrared weld thermometers , a weld ferrite analyzer , PMI-MASTER spectrometers from Germany and a NETON Spectrometer from USA.
Max. Weight:600 Tons   
Max. Dia.:DN 7500mm
Max. Length:100,000mm
Max. Thickness:100mm
Yearly Output:5,000 Ton CS / 5,000 Ton SS / 2,000Ton Non-ferrous
Key Equipments:
Testing Device:
Portable PMI-MASTER Spectrometer, TH160 Hardness Tester, X-ray Flaw Detector, Impact Trough and Tester , Universal Hydraulic Tester(CRT Display), Helium Leakage Tester, Oxygen Detector ,Infrared Thermometer, Mechanical & Chemical Labs, UT Flaw Tester and High Frequency, Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Content Analyzer
Production Equipment:
Ultra High Pressure Hydraulic Cutter for Non-ferrous Metal, Automatic SAW Welder for Longitudinal & Circumferential Welds, 1000 ton Hydraulic Press, 6 m CNC Driller & Miller, 100mm Rolling Machine, 100 ton Overhead Traveler, DVT500×25-40 Vertical Lathe, Automatic All Position Tubesheet Argon Arc Welder and Longitudinal Seam Welder