Heat Exchangers,Pressure Vessels,Pipe Supports


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Sunpower attaches great importance to R & D on pressure vessels, heat exchangers, heat pipes, flare gas recovery and other energy saving technologies. A Heat Transfer Research Institute was founded for special purpose of enhancing heat transfer technology and developing highly effective heat exchangers. Jiangsu Engineering Center for Energy Saving and Jiangsu Academician Work Station program were established in our company after approval by Jiangsu Science & Technology Department. Our company set up a postdoctoral program upon approval by China Personnel Administration Department, thus providing research projects and expenditures for newly graduated doctors. A thermal pile work group on national traffic engineering facilities was also established at Sunpower upon approval by China Standardization Committee. Sunpower was appointed as a leader responsible for formulation GB standard for thermal piles. In cooperation with Cold & Draught Environment Engineering Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), we founded in Nanjin a CAS Nanjing Permofrost Engineering Center for joint development of thermal piles in permafrost engineering. In addition, Sunpower has also established close cooperative relations with Nanjing University of Technology, East China University of Science & Technology, South East University and other research institutes as well.